Bacolod’s Famous Chicken Deli Now Open In Colon!

Photo taken from Chicken Deli’s website

Chicken Deli, which stands for “Chicken delicious,” was born in 1983 in the sunny city of Bacolod “The City of Smiles” which is itself the home of Inasal. The idea came about when Chicken Deli’s founder, Mamang, felt the need and the desire to feed people with the dish they so loved: Inasal. It was obvious that Mamang took great care and put a lot of effort into serving up only the best quality Chicken Inasal, selecting only the choicest cuts and freshest ingredients to put the dish together. With that careful attention to food preparation and her super special secret recipe that makes her Chicken Inasal so different from the others, it was only a matter of time before business boomed for Mamang. And boom it did.

You can now have a Bacolod Feast in Cebu!

Fast forward to 2016, Ang “Bidang Inasal ng Bacolod” meets the oldest street in The Philippines,Colon St, Cebu City. Chicken Deli opened last July 18, 2016 at the ground floor of Super Metro Colon. This is the 3rd Chicken Deli outlet in Cebu along with the Robinsons Galleria and Robinsons Cybergate outlets. This Bacolod born resto is definitely a welcome addition to Cebu’s burgeoning dining scene as it gives more options to the discerning Cebuano diners.


Chicken Deli offers delicious flame grilled Chicken a.k.a. Inasal , CD Meals or Chicken Deli-Cious Meals with 7 affordable choices for students and customers on a budget. Price of the CD meals are pegged at P99 to P109, just add P15 for “Kan-On All You Can” (Unlimited Rice) plus Drinks.

CD 1 Pechopak, P109.00 Only
CD 2 Paa, P99.00 Only
CD 3 2 Sticks Pork BBQ, P99.00 Only
CD 4 Liempo, P99.00 Only
CD 5 Bangusito, P99.00 Only
CD 6 Pork or Chicken Sisig, P99.00 Only (On the picture is their Chicken Sisig)
CD 7 Beef Tapa, P99.00 Only

Chicken Deli also offers Fiesta Salo-Salo Meals for 2 with choices of Kare-kare, Sisig, Sinigang Na Bangus and More!

Pork Sisig, P199 Only
                             Kare-kare, P229 Only
Sisig, P199 Only
Sinigang Na Bangus, P199 Only

The perfect “Panghimagas” or Dessert after an “Inasal Meal” would be their Leche Plan, Halo Deli, and Sago’t Gulaman.

Leche Flan, P49 Only
Halo Deli Jr, P50 Only
Sago’t Gulaman, P55 Only
Students, enjoying Chicken Deli’s CD Meals


Chicken Deli Colon Branch Interior


Chicken Deli Colon Branch Interior



Chicken Deli Colon Branch Manager, Ms. Dolly Yrog and some of her crew

It was a pleasant dining experience in Chicken Deli Colon Branch, with the restaurant’s cleanliness and well-lighted interior, on top of their delightful Bacolod-style food offerings. Aside from their signature Chicken Inasal, which I actually tried already at their Main Branch in Bacolod, my favorite was their Beef Tapa, it’s so flavorful, its tenderness and juiciness made it a stand out for me. Their Sinigang Na Bangus and Kare-kare were excellent as well as their Pork Sisig which is perfect for “Pulutan” (I would have ordered some beers if they have it on their menu LOL) For my drink, I went for their Sago’t Gulaman, one of my favorite Filipino drinks which can serve as your dessert as well. Their Leche Flan was heavenly, not too sweet, just right for my taste buds, a perfect way to end a “Bacolod Feast” right at the heart of “The Queen City of The South”, Cebu City.





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