COL Financial’s 2016 Wealth Building Summit For The Filipino Investor 

Everyone is invited to attend COL’s upcoming nationwide investor roadshow!
This event is for FREE and is open to the public. 

To register, click here:

We hope to see you there!
View the event agenda here:

About COL Financial
For a Richer Life, build genuine wealth with COL Financial – The Most Trusted Online Stockbroker in the Philippines.
“When we  first envisioned our ambitions for COL Financial, it was built upon the foundation that every Filipino deserves to be rich.” – EDWARD K. LEE, Chairman & Founder of COL Financial Group, Inc.

Our mission is to empower individual investors to take control of their financial lives by delivering the most useful and ethical financial products and services driven by our core competence in technology and market expertise. We are guided by our values of customer focus, innovation, operating discipline and teamwork.

COL Financial Group, Inc. is the leading online stockbroker in the Philippines. It was established in the 1999 with the aim of becoming every Filipino investor’s most trusted wealth-building partner. It provides value-driven products and services, innovative solutions and expertise to help investors achieve their financial goals.
COL is the fastest growing online stockbroker with over 160,000 clients and close to Php 50 billion in customer assets. COL is committed to help you build genuine wealth by giving you access to online tools and resources needed to make well-informed investment decisions.

Awarded by the PSE in 2008:
– Received the PSE Outstanding Domestic IPO Award

– Special Recognition for Active Investor Education

– Ranked by the PSE as the #1 Online Stockbroker in the Philippines for most number of trades transacted.


– Advanced Online Stock Trading Platform

– 24/7 Access to the Philippine Stock Market Quotes, research and online portfolio

– Investor Education Seminars (Free public basic seminars and advanced fundamental and technical seminars for clients)

– COL Fund Source (Mutual Funds)

Presenting the agenda of COL’s SMart Investing Summit. You can select between the AM and PM session or attend the full day event!

This event is for FREE and is open to the public. 
To register, go to:

We hope to see you there!
Note: PSE Presentation will only be in Manila.
Follow COL Financial on:

Visit their website:


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