5 Reasons Why You Should Dine @ THIRD Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar

Restaurants are sprouting like mushrooms all over Cebu and one of the newest additions to the long list is THIRD Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar. 


Charred is coined from the name of the owner, Mr. Richard Lim and the word “charred” which means “to partially burn” in reference to their specialty, which are grilled dishes.

With so many choices around, you may ask yourself “Why should I dine at this new resto?”

Here are the reasons why?


The Resto is Located at the 2nd Floor of Meerea High Street, Ouano Avenue, North Reclamation Area (Beside Total gas station) Just a few meters away from SM City Cebu.

With all the popular restaurants that serves similar offerings with THIRD Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar, why would you make it hard for yourself to find a parking slot in those restos when at Meerea High Street, there’s more than enough parking space for every hungry ones or why fight for seats in a crowded resto when there are enough seats for you here, right?. The parking is free as of the moment.

Meerea High Street


With the restaurant’s location on the 2nd floor of Meerea High Street, plus its very high ceiling and warm lighting as well as its well-appointed furniture sets, you’re in for a comfortable dining experience. Its semi-open air set-up allows the air to flow freely, giving the diners an al fresco feel. The place is perfect for dates, dining with your family or with your friends. As an added attraction, live bands and acoustic acts will be performing soon to complete your dining experience.

THIRD Degree Charred Grill and Resto Bar’s Interior


As their name would suggest, THIRD Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar specializes in grilled dishes and they didn’t disappoint as my personal favorites turned out to be their Pork Barbecue, Grilled Tuna Panga and BBQ Ribs.

Pork Barbecue.Sweet, Tender and Juicy. (P150)
Tuna Panga. Fresh, Tender and Juicy. (100g/Market Price)
Ribs. Perfectly Grilled, Soft and Flavorful Meat.  (P280) 

What’s great about THIRD Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar is that they are not all about grilled dishes as they also offer Classic Filipino favorites such as their crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, Crispy Pata, their Sizzling Sisig, their Pochero which is comparable to the ones served at popular restos that specializes in Pochero.

Crispy Pata (P390)
 Sisig (P165)
Pochero (P380)

Another personal favorite of mine is the Kinamatisang Kawali, a classic Filipino favorite given a twist by the resto’s Business Manager and Daughter of the Owner, Miss Rina Lim. Perfect for someone who loves dipping grilled dishes into a mixture of soy sauce and vinegar with lots of chopped tomatoes and onions.

Kinamatisang Kawali (P190)

I also loved their Braised Beef Kiting, a very flavorful and tender beef chunks / tendons infused with Chinese herbs and spices.

Braised Beef Kiting (P260)

For appetizers, don’t forget to try their Crispy Kangkong, you will love it with the Garlic Mayo dip. I recommend that you order this if you are really hungry as most of the dishes will take a while before it’s served especially the grilled dishes as these are cooked fresh on their open grill which you can peek on.

Crispy Kangkong (P150)

They also have this Oyster Omelette, a staple in most Chinese restaurants, I must admit that I am not a fan of oysters but for oyster lovers this will surely be a hit.

Oyster Omelette (P240)


A perfect way to finish your meal here at THIRD Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar is to end it in a healthy way through their fresh fruit juice concoctions, Pineapple-Cucumber, Pineapple-Lemon, Apple-Pear, and Apple-Calamansi. 

Apple Calamansi (P60) Pineapple Lemon (P70) Pineapple Cucumber (P60)


For those who would like to chill and enjoy the resto’s grilled dishes as “pulutan” they are also serving beers and hard drinks as well as cocktails and mocktails.



With the items on their menu, reasonably priced at P30 t0 P390, THIRD Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar will definitely not burn your money but will fill your tummy instead, for less.


Facebook: THIRD Degree Charred Grill & Resto Bar

Instagram: @3rddegreecharred

Website: www.thirddegreecharred.com

Tel. No. +63-32-272-7588

Address:2nd Floor Meerea High Street, Ouano Ave. North Reclamation Area.( Beaide Total Gas Station)

Operating Hours:

Monday to Thursday 11AM to 10PM
Firday to Sunday 11AM to 12MN

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