A Mango Festival That You Should Look Forward To Every Year At The Mactan Newtown

If Cebu City has its own “Mango Avenue”, The Mactan Newtown in Lapu-Lapu City has its own version as well, but with real mango trees bearing abundant fruits.

Mango Picking 1
Almost 1,000 kilos of mangoes harvested in the township’s version of ‘Mango Avenue’

As the 30-hectare township started its land development in 2009, around 210 mango trees were planted along Newtown Boulevard, the main road that traverses the development.

Mango Picking 4
Mactan Newtown’s Version Of The Mango Avenue

“It was the idea of our chairman, Dr. Andrew L. Tan, to really grow mango trees in the township because Cebu is best known for its mangoes,” reveals Noli D. Hernandez, president, Megaworld Cebu Properties, Inc.

After eight years, several mango trees have grown healthy, producing fruits ready for harvest during the months of May and June.

This year’s harvest season have so far produced around 986 kilos of mangoes.

“Some trees, especially those near the construction areas, need to be ‘strengthened’ as they don’t bear fruits anymore. But we are hopeful that with the ongoing cultivation of the trees, more fruits may be harvested in the next season,” explains Hernandez.

Megaworld plans to create its own ‘Mango Festival’ every year to celebrate the harvest season. The company is coordinating with the local government to make it part of the regular tourism events in Lapu-Lapu City.

Mango Picking 2
Noli D. Hernandez, President of Megaworld Cebu Properties, Inc. (Right) Enjoying Picking Mangoes In Mactan Newtown
Mango Picking
Cebu Bloggers Society Members Having A Great Time Picking Mangoes At The Mactan Newtown.

“This will certainly be a major tourist attraction because of the popularity of Cebu mangoes,” Hernandez adds.

This year’s harvested mangoes will be sold at the Mactan Alfresco.


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